The strange thing about being 51 is that you look around you and you notice you have a lot of time invested.  In the things you have, the places you live, the people you know.  This coming August marks 20 years in the car business for me.  The first 11 with Saturn and the past nine with Chevrolet.  Before that, I wrote and produced for an ad agency.  I started out in radio and tried to make it in the music business, but that seems like a long time ago.  I’ve built a career in the retail car business, yet I’ve never had a hand in a traditional car dealership.  The way Saturn was in its stores is still the way that I work online.  It’s a promise I’ve made as much to myself as it is one I’ve made  to everyone else, to tell the truth, no-hassle and not too much haggle.

by Joshua Michael Friedman

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