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So, the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon proved to be the challenge I thought it would, and, once again, I didn’t run the race I thought I could.  Funny thing, though.  Whatever my shortcomings, the accomplishment that I am most proud of is the speed of my post-race recovery, and by that measure, it’s the best race I’ve run.  Yes, it took me three hours to finish.  My feet were aching, as always.  Here’s what really worked well.  No cramps, no stiffness and not even any chafing.  I’ll figure out the foot issues in due time.  Any way, I’ve got a new pair of Nikes that should help me in future races, and I’m looking ahead to more 13.1-mile challenges.

Renee Stuart’s Reputation Revenue has been a powerful and positive new influence on me.  Sometimes it’s hard to see myself even when I take a good look in the mirror, without help.  But there’s a lot more to her style of coaching than just that:


Before you started working with your coach…

Q:  How was your overall performance at work?

Josh:  I typically had been performing at a high level.

Q:  In what ways were you experiencing conflict and challenges while performing your job?

Josh:  Upon reaching a consistent production level, a second internet department sales person was added, and I had to either “grow” the department, or adjust to less personal income.

Q:  How would you best describe your overall level of self-confidence?

Josh:  Mixed.

Q:  In what ways were you leveraging your own personal values, strengths, skills and goals in your job?

Josh:  I already knew from past experiences that having a high energy level is the key to success.  I learned that from an excellent car guy who was my dealer during my first 11 year in this business, but I did not know how to make the most of that online.

Q:  What inspired you to take action and begin working with a coach?

Josh:  I usually look to others, to learn and grow.  I recognized the opportunity when it came along.

While working with your coach…

Q:  How helpful was it for you to receive non-bias (objective) insight from your coach?

Josh:  Very helpful, and it wasn’t just from my coach.  The process began with an honest 360 assessment from the people who know me best.

Q:  In what way did your coach hold you accountable to your commitments?

Josh:  The course is structured and mapped out from day one. Renee is very professional when it comes to following a plan.

Q:  How would you best describe the client/coaching relationship?

Josh:  Good insight from someone I can trust.

Q:  In your journey of self-discovery, what experience liberated and excited you most?

Josh:  The overriding idea is that you build solely on your strengths.

Q:  In what ways did you celebrate your wins and professional achievements?

Josh:  It was more subtle than an out-and-out celebration, but equally satisfying – I chose to approach nearly every work situation with overwhelming confidence.  As stated by the Harbaugh’s “with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”

After working with your coach…

Q:  What was your greatest achievement from clarify your goals and creating your own personal brand strategy?

Josh:  The inner confidence I bring to the table, every day, from this day forward.

Q:  In what way did the coaching process contribute to your current career success?

Josh:  It’s another step in the process.

Q:  How would you best describe your level of self-confidence today?

Josh: Healthy and high.

Q:  What experiences have you had where you “stood in your own power” and executed improved communication skills?

Josh:   I blog regularly on Automotive sites like ADM, and my own blog, http://www.JoshuaMichaelFriedman.com.  Dale Pollak has interviewed me for his next book, but at the moment there is no way to know if that will make the final edit.

Q:  What advice would you give to other automotive professionals seeking ways to develop flexibility and resiliency in meeting their goals and improving their quality of life?

Josh:  Be yourself.

by Joshua Michael Friedman

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