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So, here’s my dilemma. I get to replace my smartphone in the next month or two.

I am an internet sales manager.  I take calls, I take photos, I check email and, of course, I have a mobile CRM tool.

I use a few apps, too.  Like vAuto, and the Chevy mobile workbench.

I manage social media channels.

I use the maps and navigation.  I’d do my walk-around videos with it too, if the audio was better.  I’m using a Flip camera competitor, instead.

You know what I do.  You’re probably an internet sales manager, too.

I don’t think the choices are as easy as in the days of PC vs. Mac.  (Was that ad campaign with Jon Hodgman and Justin Long not the greatest?)  Both Androids and the iPhones are easy to use, intuitively functional.  I’ve had an Android for the past three years, actually, but I’ve been an Apple guy since… forever.  I still own a fully functioning Mac Classic that I bought in 1991 (and I put to use laying out direct mail pieces as late ’02 or ’03), and I’ve been keeping an iBook clam-shell booted up and running for 10-11 years, I guess, although I haven’t used it in about five.  I just can’t bear to shut it off.

I didn’t have the same warm and fuzzy feeling about the iPhone, at the time I got my current smartphone.  And I had an early Blackberry that I really liked for emailing, before that.  Anyway, we’re with Verizon, and I got my HTC Incredible back before you could get an iPhone on Verizon (and it was true what they used to say about AT&T’s spotty coverage back in the day).

Now I have the choice, and I’ve got equal interest in the new Apple iPhone 5, in stores Friday, and the even newer Motorola Razr Maxx HD, coming soon.  A Verizon Wireless in-store visit hasn’t helped.  Product reviews online aren’t pointing me in one direction or the other, either.

ADM community, help me choose.

You, the internet sales folks reading this, you’re perfectly qualified to advise me.  Anyway, here’s what I’m mulling over:

The most important function I use a phone for is plain, old-fashioned phoning.  Actual talking.  And listening.  Don’t get me started on the sound quality we take for granted on phones today (or lack of). My hearing ability reflects about 10 solid years of arena rock and hardcore mosh-pit abuse, 1975 to 1985.  It’s half gone now, and it isn’t coming back.

Then there’s battery life — who’s got the edge there?  I work loonnnngggg hours.

I do a lot of web browsing throughout the day.  And typing on the screen.  Is the iPhone’s Retina display or the larger-screened Razr a better bet?  Btw, I can’t see much better than I can hear.

The first and only negative report about the iPhone 5 (iOS 6) is the Apple-built map and navigation.  I take it Google is better.

Photos — the iPhone does take better photos, right?  And other social media functions for an internet manager, like managing the Facebook business page run better on the iPhone, right?

Which phone do you use now?  If you were choosing a smartphone in the next month or two, which would you choose?


by Joshua Michael Friedman

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