I actually don’t train by distance running all that much. I train between events with Adrenaline Sports, a group led by Paul Caminiti, a very talented coach and conditioning instructor, who puts us through a broad-based regimen for cardio strength, speed, flexibility, core strength, muscular endurance, mental endurance and balance.  Every session is done out of doors, all year round.  Today, we warmed up with a half-mile jog and other warm-up movements, did six 50-meter sprints of increasing intensity, a one-minute push-up hold, followed by 10 very slow push-ups over a two-minute period, a 90-second step-up/step-down on the curb, and five uphill 150-meter sprints.  And then a half-mile jog back to the start.  Each session is different, but with common benefits, not the least being injury-free running ability, not to mention an unbeatable sense of overall well-being as well as renewed energy for personal and professional pursuits.   An influential mover and shaker in my own field, Brian Pasch, hosted the 2012 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference last week, where the emphasis was on the professional benefits of energy, alertness and endurance, with three world-class fitness leaders speaking and leading hands-on workshops, in collaboration with leading advocates in internet marketing and online communications.  (photo by Linda Holt, Facebook)

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