The truth

“We live in a world of radical transparency. There is 
nothing that’s really truly private long-term in the world we 
live in today. And while there’s something lost from that, 
there’s something gained. And the gain is an incredible 
priority on the truth. And in business, I believe truth is the 
ultimate advantage. I mean, it’s truth, and it’s trust. You 
can’t separate those two. Truth is the ultimate advantage 
because, if you have the truth, you can win out because— 
in a world where we’re all connected with social media and 
every other form through the web—we now live in a world 
where the truth will eventually get out. Now, if you go on 
the web, you can get every lie known to man as well. So 
the technology that empowers also can confuse. But I think 
there’s a resonance to the truth, as corny as it may sound, 
that every human being feels. You know when somebody’s 
bullshitting you. You know at some level it’s not the whole 
story. There’s something being held back. It’s instinctive 
in human beings. And not only do you take that and you 
magnify that with the interconnected world that we live in 
today in social media, now you’re at a place where if you 
don’t tell the truth, the consequences are just horrific.”

Tony Robbins

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