I am so, so deeply appreciative of a family who went out of their way, literally, purchasing over the phone and online from their home state of Washington.  They traveled cross-country by train, arriving in Maryland where their adult children reside, and then drove back home in their new 2012 Colorado.   Here’s the truck in the driveway of the son and daughter-in-law’s Maryland home, where we dropped it off  a few weeks ago. Following on the heels of a wonderfully gracious online review, a package arrived today with this note:

Josh — a small token in gratitude for you help and persistence in completing our truck purchase.  This is home-canned sockeye salmon gifted to me by a Kwagiulth native family friend in Ft. Rupert, Vancouver Island, Ca.  My favorite lunch is salmon salad with onion and sour cream.  Or as a soup, simmer sliced potatoes and onions, then pour in the contents of the jar.

Words along cannot describe the flavor of the home-canned salmon.  It was awesome.  And I cannot think of a better surprise than to be able to feast on that great tasting fish this evening, after a great Adrenaline workout this morning.  I called to express my thanks, but I could only leave a message.  I’m taking it as challenge to find a suitable way to bundle up my own gratitude and pay it forward.

by Joshua Michael Friedman

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