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I like the concept of StrengthsFinder.  What is StrengthsFinder?  Here’s a review of the book series (StrengthsFinder 2.0 is written by Tom Rath), from which Dr. Joseph S. Maresca, writing on, endorses its overriding theme:

“Rath stresses the point that individual managers should identify strengths early so that the advantages in this area can be coordinated to benefit the team according. Too often, much time is wasted on fixing shortcomings instead of developing strengths and identifying other team members with compensating strengths to counterbalance weak areas. At bottom, people cannot be good at everything. The whole point behind teamwork is to manage individual talents and strong points so that individual weaknesses can be counterbalanced by cooperation to yield a more productive end result unachievable by the individual team members.

Rath poses the question as to whether or not each of us has the opportunity to do what we do best every day.”

There’s a test built into StrengthsFinder designed to uncover your own core strengths.  Here’s how I did:

My Top 5 Strengths

1 Achiever
2 Relator
3 Learner
4 Responsibility
5 Adaptability
Need more details?  Read the book.  Find your own strengths.
Want to know more about me?

This is What I Value

1 Honesty
2 Well-Being
3 Intelligence
4 Fairness
5 Recognition



by Joshua Michael Friedman

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