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Turns out I injured my left foot during the Marine Corps Half Marathon.  So… after a painful foot-ache and rehab over the past month (posterior tibial tendon strain), I have decided to do more conditioning and less event running.  I’ve also got some nifty foot-strength exercises prescribed by my physical therapist.  I continue to do the Adrenaline group training.  Here’s what we did this morning:

a.) Warm up with a half-mile jog (distances approximate)

b.) Circuit work with

1.) High-knee run in place (60 reps)

2.) 20-meter side shuffle

3.) 20-meter side shuffle (other side)

4.) 20-meter forward jumping jacks

5.) 10-meter Rockette kicks

6.) High steps over cones

7.) 25 plank/legs in-out

8.) 25 push-ups

9.) 60-meter run

10.) steps 1-9 but in reverse order, 60-meter run backwards, 20-meter jumping jacks backwards

I remember doing this circuit, forward and back, twice, possibly three times, but I cannot recall clearly.  I do know that the reps were broken up in approximately the middle by

c.) 8 minutes of 20-meter sprints, up and back, the first four minutes in 15-second intervals, and the last four minutes in 10-second intervals, with stops to skip intervals as needed to rejoin the group on pace.  Each person’s stops varied; only one actually ran each one.  Although it is a group experience, everyone has differing abilities, and each person is challenged to improve and develop.

As always, it’s one intense hour, and it builds both the strength, the conditioning and the proper form that should prevent further injury.  Now that it’s summer time, I’ll be out here doing this kind of session (every one is different) at a twice-weekly pace.

by Joshua Michael Friedman

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